A drummer’s perspective

 Over the weekend I auditioned for a band.  It was a situation where I was brought in to replace an existing drummer so the songs were already structured and written out.  I knew pretty quickly into the audition that it wasn’t going to work out.  Stylistically, I wasn’t a good fit.  But there was something – Read More…


Cutting down a pair of Wuhans

I was asked by a friend of mine to cut down her pair of 12″ Wuhan China (or “Lion” cymbals, as they call them) into a smaller set to use as hand cymbals.   There was one slight problem.  Years ago when I first got into repairing cymbals I took my own version of the – Read More…


Heroquest Card Creator

Back in 2002 I created an app for the board game Heroquest by Milton Bradley, which allows you to create your own cards for use in the game.  It proved to be rather popular, even with fairly limited functionality.   I haven’t played Heroquest in over a decade and I’m not really looking to get – Read More…


Halloween sound effects

Many years ago I created a Windows program that would play random sound effects.  I packed it full of public domain sounds that I found online, along with a few that I made myself. The way that it worked is that it plays through a list of sounds randomly, using predefined volume and panning settings – Read More…


What I learned from Terry Bozzio

Last night I attended a concert by Terry Bozzio, the former drummer for Frank Zappa. It would normally take a lot for me to go to a 2-hour concert featuring only a drummer, but Terry is different.  His tunes are creative and detailed and he has excellent showmanship.  I really admire his playing but the – Read More…


Every Time I Fall – Performance video

I recorded the drum tracks for Every Time I Fall, a song I’m working on with Jongwon Kim.   I have a somewhat peculiar way of recording. I actually record the drum tracks a total of eight times, one after the other without any breaks in between.  Typically, the first two tracks are throw-aways.  I use them – Read More…


Video Performance – Test

This is just a test of the over-the-head GoPro setup.  The audio was recorded in Ableton and edited into the video. This was when we were auditioning a new keyboard player so it’s a pretty low-key performance.  I was also just getting over the flu so I didn’t have a lot of energy.  To top it – Read More…


Songwriting – 2016-09-28

  Worked on two songs last night.  We’re still solidifying our parts so the playing is a bit rough, especially by yours truly. My setup for this practice was identical to the setup on 2016-09-15. Only The Strong Every Time I Fall  

Keyenta Cover

Keyenta – Album

Back in 2004 I did some recording for a few groups in Portland.  This was an attempt to try different styles and get more experience recording. One group I recorded with was called Keyenta.  It was quite a departure for me.  Definitely not my type of music and I think that came out in my – Read More…